The Supreme Court of the Maldives has announced the verdict of the appeal case of k. Kaashidhoo MP Ismail Abdul Hameed

01 Oct 2017   news  

The Supreme court has announced the verdict of the appeal case filed in the supreme court of the Maldives against the prosecutorgeneral by the elected MP Ismail Abdul Hameed, Hulhumale flat No 10103, of kaashidhoo constituency today. The judgment was made by majority of the justices of the Supreme Court by supporting the verdict of high court on its case number HC-A/233/2011.
The judgment of criminal court charges by the state on the case against Mr. Ismail Abdul Hameed for manipulating his post in the state to  gain illegitimate advantages read that “with reference to law 2/2000 (anti- corruption act) clause 12 (a), Hulhumale flat No 10103, Ismail Abdul Hameed is sentenced to exile to a remote island for a period of 1 year and 6 months as he is found guilty of using his post in the government to gain illegitimate advantages.” when Mr. Hameed appealed the case in the high court, the court upheld the original verdict of the criminal court.