Supreme Court Releases New Regulation

08 Oct 2020   news  

Supreme Court Releases New Regulation

The Supreme Court of the Maldives today published a new Supreme Court regulation. The new regulation includes the manner of submission, acceptance, and conduct of court proceedings, as well as in administrative and procedural matters. The new regulations will go into effect starting 10th October 2020.

This new regulation will bring a number of changes to the previous court procedure. Under this regulation, a request to review a Supreme Court decision and procedural decisions by High Court Judges will now be decided by a bench of Supreme Court Justices.

In addition to this, the new regulation provides for Court summons to be sent through electronic means and how hearings are held via teleconferencing platforms, as well as the procedure when bringing forth new evidence, and summoning witnesses and experts. Under the new regulation, seven new forms have also been introduced, including the application for Supreme Court decision review form, resubmission form for rejected cases, and specific forms to the submitted case under the original jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, among others.


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