Chief Justice meets with the newly appointed Drug Court Judges

01 Oct 2017   news  

The Chief Justice of the Maldives has met with the newly appointed judges of the Drug Court. The meeting took place at the Department of Judicial Administration on 27th February. The newly appointed 05 judges to the Drug Court Uz. Mahaz Ali Zahir, Uz. Hussein Shahamath Mahir, Uz. Zubair Mohamed, Uz. Abdul Sattar Abdul Hameed and Uz. Moahmed Easa took part in the meeting. Additionally, the Chief Judicial Administrator Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Manik from the Department of Judicial Administration together with the senior staffs from the Department of Judicial Administration were present.
In his address, the Chief Justice congratulated the judges on their appointment as the judges of the Drug Court. Moreover, he highlighted the importance of following the Code of Conduct of Justices and urged the judges to draft the necessary regulations required under the Act within the stipulated time.
The Chief Judicial Administrator also addressed judges. Hementioned that the government has allocated a building for the Drug Court ten days earlier and that currently the building is under necessary renovations. The Department of Judicial Administration has informed that in order to ensure that Drug Court  can begin its work on the date stipulated in the Act, all immediate work is underway.
The judges of the Drug Court took oath on 25th March. The Drug Court was established under the Chapter 5 of Drugs Act (2011/17). The Act states that within 90 days of its enactment judges to the Drug Court has to be appointed and all necessary regulations under the Act has to be drafted.
The jurisdictions of the Drug Court cover offences relating to drugs. These cases were previously dealt in the Criminal Court and the Juvenile Court. However, within the establishment of the Drug Court, Criminal Court and Juvenile court will no longer be handling these cases.